A picture is raw, but i continue to work above him!

I have little friends, reason - I am always busy, draw, design, work, study! And all of it very likes me! It will give the garden-stuffs in course of time! Yesterday I was invited on work in administration on position of leading specialist of department of architecture and town-planning ! I very much soviet, in fact I will be able to accumulate a money - in an order to leave in a large city, live in a beautiful place, admire beautiful architecture! Certainly, the art of fashion stuck in my life and firmly caught there! But who does interfere with me to get busy these in own time!?  I was again distracted from  that wanted to tell )).  I love the sister, it is my best friend, we like to go for a walk with it in the early morning… a city sleeps..on streets nobody is present..you can be quietly missed and enjoy that surrounds  you ! Because I adore to take pictures, I am not almost present on pictures, I always off screen ))
My sister prefers carries slippers on a flat sole!

I like beautiful places. You see from above as a city wakes up.
My sister every day is engaged in a gymnastics - therefore i ask it a bit to sit for me! ))
I will not say that for us beautiful architecture, but i love these places! In fact it is my motherland!


Kate said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog :)
I love your picture and the photographs are great too.
Love your blog- will definitely be coming back.

czytaj z ust said...

What a nice coat!

SOFIA said...

thank you! to this overcoat of 2 )) but it is the classics, well combines clothes in different bands))

Tonio said...

You always impressme with your illustrations!
and dont worry bout the mistakes in englisshh!!!

Regards babe, I invite you, and everybody loving fashion, to go to my blog!!


Olya Nikol Pishcheva said...

Cute pics ~

Creme De La Kravitz said...

The first picture is so perfect! I also like your shoes a ton

SOFIA said...