I came up with this image of a beautiful girl.Yesterday I watched the films Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2
And I fell in love with JOE JONAS He is a very nice guy and I would like to date one! He has very beautiful eyebrows, so I decided to paint the girl with the eyebrows.I drew this picture of the music_PLAY MY MUSIC It inspires me!
Lately I like to study Eastern and Western Culture.Does anyone know a good book about it? 
Write me their names, please.
Every time I paint these beautiful young girls, I dreamed that I would write or call the art director of VOGUE magazine and invite me to work. This is just my dream of my heart!
You can see all the photos of this work in my album ART WORK
Now I began to paint a new picture. Of course the main characters of the season  for me its MARC JACOBS and DAPHNE GROENEVELD and upcoming spring!
This year I  plan to release a small collection of colorful sweaters!


lina maria said...

You are so funny!
Be patient one day you will be doing beautiful works for Vogue!
This drawing is so beautiful and I love the one of Daphne too she is my favourite model to draw


Thank you!
Daphne has such an unusual and attractive appearance! She has big eyes, big lips and small nose, it's perfect!

Sal Zailani said...

I love drawing but I always give up because I am no that good but reading your posts have inspired me to start drawing again :) thank you. Your illustrations are beautiful and I wish I will be as good as you someday.

Don't worry Zhenya your dream about working with Vogue will be a reality! I truly believe it! Keep up the good work :D

Sal xx


Thank you very much! It gives me great happiness, as my illustration inspiration!

Dilan Dilir said...

wow it´s really beautiful!

Antonia-Ivana said...

Your illustrations are freaking awesome. I enjoy seeing art on such a high level.



Thank you!))

Soleil Ignacio said...

Hello! Thank youuu :) You have amazing works as well! Will start following you now :)

Nora said...

glad you commented on my blog, You got me following yours! You'r very talented. love your illustrations!

Yaiza said...

is really really nice:)
i follow you!

Mitica Fashion Illustrations said...

Wooow amazing as usual!! love them!!

jessica lee. said...

such beautiful illustrations.

a lovely mixed bag. x

Anonymous said...

amazing talent and work, lovely!

Have you entered my little 'Karl Lagerfeld' Goodie Giveaway already, sweets! x


Anonymous said...

Your illustrations are so beautiful, I love your blog, it's amazing..!




Sophie said...

omgsh your illustrations are so breathtaking! the line quality is so beautiful *squeal*

Кристина said...

OMG... havn't seen such a beauty art for a long time...

Chrissie:Bear said...

insanely BEAUTIFUL!!!


SóniaPestana said...

love your work! you have talent! congrats! xx