Why do I draw the illustrations for days, while other people steal them and sell them? And I live in poverty ?!!!

Why do I draw the illustrations for days, while other people steal them and sell them? And I live in poverty ?!!!


cca. said...

I am so sorry this happen to you. Can you take legal action?

A. said...

I don't know what to say. Why people do sth like that.

Al said...

This is disgusting!!

I'm so so sorry for you and I really hope this is not going to put you down. You're an amazing illustrator, your drawings are magic and I'm sure one day you'll get the success you deserve.


-The Red Dot-

Amylee said...

it's just horrible and unfair !!!

Pollock said...

very nice job !

Anonymous said...

Здраствуйте Женя ,

не могу в это поверить!Я представляю как Вас это бесит, очень-очень неприятно....
Вы в редакцию по этому поводу обращались? В суд подавать будете?

itmadehersmile. said...

omygod, what the hell! This is so bad :( and the even more stupid thing is that this person took away the hole beauty of your illustration, with al the shitty 'paint' colours over her face , yours is way more pure!

hope it doesnt happen again!

p.s. you do got a new follower, your illustrations are beautiful!

Antonia-Ivana said...

Oh my, that's very bad! I feel so sorry for you. You should press charges against the people, who used it because it's YOUR property. Anyway I wish you a merry Christmas! <3


Leigh Viner said...

OMG this is getting out of hand!! I had the same issue this morning, found a site selling my work on products I never approved of...am going through the motions to take care of it, which can be such a pain!!

I am so sorry this is happening to you as well... :(

Watisoni said...

i love this illustration.

boy with the BOW TIE

Sal Zailani said...

i am so sorry that happened to you. Maybe you should contact them and demand them to pay you a fee?? xx

Julia Rusman said...

You should watermark all the illustrations you publish online to avoid such blatant stealing. Good luck!

Victor Espinoza said...

While it's angering and sometimes upsetting, its happened to me also on my blog, look it at from a positive side. your work is grabbing the attention from the society that they choose to use it, while its true, you dont get credit for it, you are getting recognition & reputation from it.

Think of it as being promoted.

keep going ZHENYA!!

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