Where did you study? And did study exactly to drawing?
Four years went to artistic school, after six years in Irkutsk State Technical University on speciality architecture. It is absolute my speciality, all of my works on planning was estimated on fine and perched in a fund, until now my projects hang in some cabinets, it very pleasantly.
What or what do you draw in?
Mainly draw for some time past the Italian pencils and water-colour, very like to draw interiors a gouache. Spare a lot of attention details, sit by hours laboriously draw every detail. I consider, in everything it is needed to aspire to perfection.
Why are you inspired by a film exactly about Сoсo Сhanel?
It is a film about a woman, which, in spite of all of vital difficulties, lined up the empire, on ages confirming the positions in the world of fashion. It loved men, but was anymore devoted the work, art, it causes enormous admiration. Pain compelled to move Сoco Chanel forward, and a fate did it a large gift, and due to this history, I tell itself its words: «All in our hands, therefore does not cost them to drop!»
What in your eyes does Charles Lagerfel'd differ from other meters of the world of fashion?
Oftentimes I look over records from his shows, does not find other more emotions, except for admiration, it is unsurpassed elegance, refinement. He with love continues creation of Coco Chanel, high fashion, it is enormous labour. you can honour, as clothes are created from couture in the house of Chanel, it strikes, as far as a man is devoted the art. Charles talks that he does not use a mobile telephone, internet by resources, for him great number of ideas in a head, and he is constantly busy at a creative process. I like his roller of Chanel Spring Summer 2011 recklessly, he associates appearances of girls (models) with the elements of nature, music passes the state of his soul, appearances of models are such different, but all are executed in a perfect technique.
Certainly, there are such designers, as Marс Jacobs , which I also am not indifferent to, but in less degree. Marc Jacobs creates the wonderful line of clothes for young girls, he utillizes contrasting combinations of colors, in most appearances utillizes linear graphic arts. It is a not high fashion, but Marc Jacobs is able to pass lightness and elegantness of the idea.
What does need to be done a man which wants to become an illustrator and has a location to it? That to honour, where to go?
I can say so, if, a man wants to score a success in one or another area, he must feel deeply and manage to pass the ideas, emotions, not important, by what method, the most important, that he was heard.
Do you live not in Milane, not in Moscow and even not in Irkutsk, how does it tell at your work and tells in general?
Certainly, oppresses me, that I live not in Paris, but it in any way does not tell to my basic work of architect, but as illustrator and designer of clothes, I suffer, because I do not have beautiful architecture, living socializing with interesting people in the field of design and fashionable industry. In the near future I plan to leave, and to begin realization of the plans.
How do you succeed to continue to be engaged in favourite business, where do you take inspiration?
So there were circumstances, that I am not necessary to be engaged in domestic businesses, therefore I am absolutely free in this plan, and all remaining time after work, I am engaged in only creation. Inspiration comes through various the internet resources.
You draw the sister often. And do you have self-portraits?
Self-portraits are not present, but I write a book on the life, because there are not chances in my life. And in respect of my sister Helen, its exterior inspires me, so  due to it, I won in a competition «MegaAccess».  
Do you want to be an illustrator right through life or for you some other plan of actions?
No, illustrations, it is a little percent what I am carried away yet. I have the plan on the future and I every day purposefully go to the purpose.
With what obstacles is it necessary to clash in your work?
I do not see obstacles for the creation.
If right now were you called to work in some parisian house of fashion or very popular lustre, how did you react and what waited from such work?
I  right now would going  and departed to work with enormous animation.
What does a talented person differ from all of other?
Talented people are constantly led away some idea.
With whom of masters of the world of fashion would you begin to work with most pleasure?
Сосо Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld.
How a beginning illustrator must avoid a grayness and mediocrity in the works?
If we talk about fashionable illustration, for him there must be the vision and feeling of the world of fashion.
P/s: Sorry to errors in English!


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bitofeye said...

Wow I really like your illustrations :) I'm interest on fashion illustration for quite a bit of time now come and reading this interview is really nice. And thank you to come visit my blog :)

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